Explore the Reliable Heating Performance of Lennox® Boilers


For homes in northern regions that rely on boilers for heat, there’s no better choice than Lennox. Lennox innovation means building a safer, more dependable boiler. That’s why Lennox® boilers don’t use standing pilot lights.


GWM-IE Boiler

Design that’s highly innovative and efficient


GWB9-IE Boiler

Engineered for lasting comfort and energy savings


COWB3 Boiler

Efficient, quiet warmth you can count on


GWB8-IE Boiler

A reliable way to stay warm and save energy


GWB8-E Boiler

Reliable heating performance season after season


GSB8-E Boiler

Solid value and superb heating


GWB9-IE Boiler

Engineered for lasting comfort and energy savings


Trinity Fire Tube

Max Input: 399,000 BTU/H Stainless steel down-fired fire tube heat exchanger.


The Vmax

Max Input: 154,000 BTU/H Available in a Plus version with a built-in indirect water heater. 

Trinity TX

Max Input: 199,000 BTU/H Available in a Combi version with built-in pump and DHW heat exchanger. 

SLP98V Variable-Capactiy Gas Furnace

The quietest and most efficient furnace you can buy*!

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